Luke Halpin (Flipper's New Adventure, 1964)
Luke Halpin's lean, muscular legs are worked hard in all his swimming, diving, running, and other stunt work.

Luke Halpin's Legs
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Long, lean, and athletic, Luke Halpin's legs are models of muscle development. Luke's legs possess natural strength and speed, plus an aerodynamic shape that can cut through water and fly across rough terrain. Not surprisingly, Luke's legs are eminently qualified to take on the frequent stunt work encountered in his role as Sandy Ricks.

Skillful camera work all throughout the Flipper years has been able to capture the athletic prowess and the well-toned, deeply tanned appearance that characterize Luke's legs.  In fact, Luke Halpin may very well have the most heavily photographed legs of any teen actor ever seen on television.

Luke Halpin's legs are definitely worth the effort to study and admire...and Luke makes the job easy. Luke is almost always wearing shorts that are cut well above the knees. He is either barefooted, or wearing scuba fins or lowcut sneakers (without socks).  As a result, virtually his entire leg is exposed. With their dense muscle tone and flawless skin complexion, Luke's legs are an impressive sight.

Luke Halpin's Legs is dedicated to the appreciation of Luke Halpin's leg development. Using a large picture gallery as well as discussion, animations, and even fan fiction, Luke Halpin's Legs seeks to provide a means of exploring the finer details of Luke's leg muscles and developing a more informed appreciation for their unique development.

Part 1: Overview is an introduction to the subject of Luke Halpin's legs.

Part 2: Gallery is a collection of pictures taken from throughout the website that illustrate the strength and beauty of Luke Halpin's legs. This fascinating survey illustrates the impressive level of leg development that Luke possessed all throughout his years in Flipper.

Part 3: Ep 18, The Day of the Shark
Part 3: Ep 21, Flipper's Treasure
Extensively illustrated discussion of Luke Halpin's overall leg development using scenes from specific episodes.

Part 4: Luke Halpin's Thighs is an in-depth discussion of Luke's muscular thighs.

Part 5: Fan Fiction These fan fiction pieces are loosely based on actual TV episodes and serve to highlight the prominent role that Luke Halpin's legs play in many of his scenes.