Legs of Uncommon Strength!
Tim is a young soccer athlete who possesses incredibly powerful legs. He began serious leg training at an exceptionally early age. Using the fiendishly difficult techniques known as plyometrics, coupled with extensive running and weight training, Tim built up his leg muscles to a staggering level. By the age of 10, his legs were far stronger than those of most older kids.

"It is simply not possible to appreciate just how rock hard Tim's muscles are (all of them) without actually feeling them. I really don't think that anything short of solid metal or rock could resist their expansion when they contract hard." - Tim's dad

Characteristics of Tim's highly-developed leg muscles are:
  • Immense physical strength - capable of exerting/sustaining several hundred pounds of force
  • Razor-sharp definition and vascularity between the individual leg muscles
  • Exceptional muscle hardness (especially his calves)
  • Massive size (especially by age 13 and beyond)
  • High percentage of fast-twitch fiber (for split-second muscle flexion)

Tim's great leg strength has made him a champion soccer player (goalie). In addition, he is a seasoned weightlifter, a plyometrics expert, an accomplished runner, and an enthusiastic swimmer! He is particularly known for his deadly scissors hold which possesses unbelievable power.

(NOTE: This website only covers Tim's progress through the age of 14. No further updates are available.)

This website is dedicated to young Tim and his magnificent leg strength.

Age 10 - Leg training (front) Age 10 - Leg training (back) Age 11 - Crushing a can after a workout

At 10, Tim weighed 70 lbs and his calf measured 11 inches.
At 11, Tim was 5'4", 80 lbs
At 12, Tim weighed 105 lbs
At 13, Tim weighed 110 lbs.
At 14, Tim weighed 149 lbs.
At 14, Tim could flex his thigh muscle from a resting 23.5 inches to a fully flexed 25.0 inches!! (Jan 2001)
At 14, Tim's calf was 15.5 inches fully flexed!
At 16, Tim's enormous thighs measured 27.5 inches each! (Dec 2002)
At 16, Tim's calves measured a whopping 17 inches each! (Dec 2002)

At 10, Tim's superior strength made it easy for him to compete on soccer teams of older kids.
At 12, Tim's calves could exert an amazing 450 lbs of pressure. He would stretch his legs until his knees were straight, then start pressing his toes forward.
At 12, he tested his calf strength on a scale that went up to 500 pounds. With his knees completely straight, Tim pushed only with his toes and got it up to 450! At 14, he could take it all the way to 500!!
At 14, he could lift a baby grand piano by getting underneath it and pushing up with his legs.
At 12, Tim could jump from a running start nearly 3 meters (over 9 feet).
Tim can jump straight up over 30 inches from a standing start.
Tim beat his dad in arm-wrestling when he was 13.
Tim's dad collects the things that Tim bends and crushes with his legs as mementos of Tim's strength!
When his dad needed help editing one of Tim's photos, Tim got up on the computer table and flexed his calf until the veins appeared. His dad was able to check his edits against Tim's actual muscle!
In 6th grade, Tim did a science project about the muscles in the legs. But instead of using pictures in a book, Tim used photos of his own legs!
When crushing objects against a wall, Tim first crushes it by straightening his legs. But then he continues crushing by flexing his powerful calves and pushing his toes forward. Most people can only crush by extending their legs. But Tim's strong calves allow him to crush things into much smaller pieces.

  64 galleries of one-of-a-kind photos, many submitted by Tim himself. This extensive collection displays the development of Tim's leg muscles from ages 8 to 14 as he works out, plays sports, and performs feats of strength.

  Stories of Tim's Strength
  Tim has demonstrated his exceptional leg strength in many situations outside of sports. Tim's dad prepared descriptions of six of Tim's feats of strength.
Tim, 10, almost crushes his dad under his legs!
Tim, 10, crushes a large metal rat cage!
Tim, 11, like a human trash compactor, crushes a VCR into tiny pieces using only his legs
A football player challenges Tim, 12,in a duel of strength
Tim, 12, astonishes his school friends with demonstrations of his powerful scissors hold
Tim, 12, defends his kid brother using his deadly scissors hold

  Pumping Iron
  Tim demonstrated fantastic weightlifting strength at an early age.
At 10, Tim, who weighed 70 lbs, would hold a 100-lb barbell on his shoulders, and then crush model cars under his feet.
At 11, he could rise from a half squat to a calf raise while holding 225 lbs! He did it repeatedly!
At 12, Tim regularly did calf raises while holding 150 lbs.
At 14, Tim did calf raises with 200 pounds and leg extensions with 150 pounds on each leg.
At 14, Tim could put 200 lbs on his shoulders and jump over 12" straight up with it- over and over!
At 14, Tim performed leg presses with 250 lb stack plus two of his 130 lb friends sitting on top. Tim did 3 sets of 15 reps. But he was so strong, he could have pushed the stack hard and send the boys heads into the ceiling.

  Plyometrics is a training approach that makes extensive use of high-impact jumping. It is extremely exhausting. Yet Tim was a master of plyo training when he was only 10. Even at this age, his leg strength eclipsed those of his peers.
In depth jumping, forces up to 6 times the body weight are imposed on the legs. With Tim at 14, that meant about 800 lbs of force with every jump! No wonder his legs are so powerful!
Here is one of the plyometric exercises he was doing at age 10:
Wearing a 20 lb weight, Tim would jump back and forth over a 2-foot cone for a total of 3 minutes. He would then rest for only 30 seconds, then do another set, for a total of TEN sets!
Tim used this plyo exercise when he was 11:
Tim jumps off a 2-foot box, landing on cushioning, and then springs up as hard as he can to land back on the starting point. He keeps this up for 10 minutes. It's incredibly difficult to do that long. When he's done his leg muscles are burning. He rests 2 minutes and then goes for 7 minutes, then for 4 minutes for a total of three sets of decreasing time.

  Tim's training includes a LOT of running. As a result, his legs became acclaimed for their speed as well as their powerful strength!
He set the school record in the mile run in 6th grade: 5:49. Years later, it was still unbeaten!
At 10, Tim would run laps in his backyard for about 15 minutes without stop. When it is raining, he will run indoors in a large room for up to 30 minutes at a time.

  Tim's Scissors Hold
Tim is well-known for his enormously powerful scissors hold. Tim is often asked to crush objects using the scissors hold.
Among the things he has crushed this way are model cars (including the large ones), steel garbage cans, soda cans, calculators, 3-ring binders, model ships, plastic drink bottles, and metal lunchboxes. Tim's scissors hold is powerful enough to bend metal.
At 14, Tim squeezed a bathroom scale between his knees...and broke it! The scale went up to 250 lbs. But the pressure from Tim's legs was way over the scale's limit!
Tim's scissors hold can exert tremendous pressure even with his ankles unhooked. When he was only 11, Tim crushed a can that was made of steel and brass plating by putting it between his legs and squeezing it from both sides. He was able to crush it until the sides touched.