Luke Halpin Answers 40 Intimate Questions

One of your top fave new TV stars gives you the lowdown on where he's been, where he's going and what he likes and dislikes.

(Published in 16 Magazine, Feb 1965 issue)

(transcript of text can be found below)

What is your real full name?

Luke Halpin. Actually, I DO have a middle name, but I won't tell what it is. It's awful -- and it begins with an A.

When and where were you born?

I was born in New York City on April 4, 1947.

What is your height, weight, and coloring?

I am 5'6" tall, weigh 188 pounds, have blond hair and greenish-blue eyes. (NOTE: the weight figure is probably not accurate)

Where do you live?

I live in a seven-room, cement-and-wood, private house in northeast Miami.

Who lives with you?

My mom, Helen, and dad, Eugene. I have an older brother who is in the Navy and an older married sis. (MY note: his brother is Eugene, Jr. and his sister is Joan.)

What kind of people do you enjoy being with?

Young people, who love having fun no matter where they are.

What is your hobby?

Nothing -- except girls, I guess!

What is your favorite food?

Anything Italian.

Who are your favorite movie stars?

I have no special ones. I like adventure films and true-life stories.

Who are your favorite recording stars?

I like too many to name, but I'd say Roy Orbison is my number one favorite.

Who is your favorite TV star?

Flipper, of course!

What is your favorite kind of music?

Rock 'n' Roll. Right now, I am flipped for the Zombies doing "She's Not There".

What are your favorite colors?

Blue, green, red, and tan.

Briefly describe your dream girl.

She will be very sweet, have brown hair and not be over five feet five inches tall.

What is most important to you in a girl, looks or personality?

Personality. I love gentle, warm girls.

How do you like to see girls dress?

Any way that pleases them, but I do not like bikini bathing suits.

How do you like to dress?

In Continental-cut clothes, wearing a shirt and tie.

Have you a secret longing?

To drive a boat in an ocean race.

For a vacation, where in the world would you like to go?

To Englewood, Florida. It is on the gulf side and has great fishing.

Of all the things you have to do, which do you dislike most?

I really don't have any complaints.

Do you have a pet fear?

No. Nothing scares me.

What daily schedule would you keep if you could?

I'd sleep till nine and work till seven. I'd be in bed by 11 o'clock.

What are your favorite sports?

Boating, water-skiing, skin-diving and fishing.

What do you do when you are alone?

Go out in the racing boat, Formula 233, that we use on the show, and bounce it around in rough seas.

Do you have any pets?

I have a "little bit of everything" dog named Whisky.

Are you moody or temperamental?

No, not at all.

What three secret tips would you give a girl who would like for you to like her?

She should be very considerate; she should NOT talk to me about the TV series; and she should dress in a neat, nice manner at all times.

Have you ever dated a fan?

Yes. When I was living in New York, I got a very nice letter from a girl. I called her and took her out, and we had a great time.

What has been the greatest thrill of your life?

Picking out my car. I got a maroon GTO with a white top.

What memories do you cherish?

Shooting Flipper's New Adventure. I had a lot of fun, especially with Pamela Franklin.

What is the most unforgettable experience you ever had?

The first time I went skin-diving. The beautiful colors under the water were unbelievable!

How would you describe yourself?

I consider myself a regular guy, not outstanding in any particular way.

What is your pet weakness?

Boats. Every time I see one, I have to jump into it.

What is your ultimate ambition?

to be a good human being.

Who has helped you most with your career?

Frankly, I've done most of it on my own.

What do you worry about?

School. When you work all day and have to memorize a script, you feel you may not do so well in your studies.

What do you like best about your work?

Diving with full gear on. You can stay under for an hour or so.

What do you dislike about your career?

I love everything. It is always interesting. I do hate having to do homework when I'm soaking wet, though.

How do you relax?

I put on a stack of records, lie on the bed and sip a Coke.

What is the best place to write to you?

12100 N. E. 16th Avenue
Miami, Florida.